Una educación para toda la vida

Maristas en Madrid: 100 años contigo

Una educación para toda la vida - Maristas en Madrid: 100 años contigo

English Theatre Day

Last Tuesday it took place the “English Theatre Day” at school. We could enjoy of two fantastic plays both of them adapted for different levels in Primary. Our students had fun and they felt like real actors/actresses for a day. Here you can have a look the sypnosis of the theatre plays…

JACOB AND THE UNDERWORLD is a fantastical tale of magic and bravery especially aimed at very young students of English. It’s about a naughty little boy who, after a big adventure in a strange land called the Underworld, learns important lessons about making friends, looking after all living creatures, and caring for the environment. The play includes original music and is highly interactive, involving the children directly in the development of the story.

Our play is a hilariously funny story centred around BERTIE, an eccentric, daydreaming Englishman who lives in Madrid, his domineering mother, Mrs Britt, and José, his nosy “portero”. It’s a play packed with humour aimed at both entertaining and educating young students of English. The humour mainly arises from Bertie’s daydreams and the ridiculous situations he gets himself into. More comedy stems from the cultural and linguistic misunderstandings that occur between the English and Spanish speaking characters particularly José and Mrs Britt. We also look at the theme of STEREOTYPES and how the prejudices some of the characters display about a different culture might actually be quite untrue.

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